6 Benefits of Getting a Garage Makeover To Upgrade Your Space

The garage is one of the forgotten spaces in many homes. We use it for basics like storing a random assortment of items or parking a vehicle Though, we don’t use it to its full potential. Many homeowners don’t realize what they are missing until they do a garage makeover. Your garage becomes a whole new usable space they never knew they had.

Here’s a peek into what you can get from a garage makeover.

Extra Storage Space

One of the most helpful and productive ways to use your garage is for storage. We have all things we only use once or twice a year. Many of us probably have items we keep as mementos, but we never need to access them. You may miss an opportunity as great as the garage for that type of storage.You won’t be able to store as many items in the garage if your storage space is disorganized. So, you can’t find the things you need when you need them. You can create a structured storage area during a garage makeover. For example, install shelves for storage bins that go up to your ceiling. It makes items easy to label and find while allowing you to use all your vertical space.

Higher Resale Value

We all know! An organized garage enhances the value of your home. A garage makeover is one of many steps you can take to make that happen. With garage renovation, you can turn your garage from a dull necessity into a functional space. A well-designed and well-organized garage take your home to another level. Both exterior and interior improvements will help you on this front. Updating your external garage doors can increase your curb appeal, but the inside will be a more prominent seller.

Technology Upgrades

We all have dreams of technology that would make our lives easier. Why not add that technology to your remodel when it comes to your garage? Start by upgrading the technology that you already have. Your garage doors should get a replacement if they aren’t lowering and raising the way they should. You can also do a lot of automotive work to maintain your vehicle or fix other ones. Add new technology based on how you want to use your garage.

New Safety Precautions

We know everyone uses their garage differently. But! Most homeowners have at least some safety hazards in their garages. It includes automotive fluids, dangerous tools, and landscaping chemicals. When thinking about garage makeovers, you can install specialized ways to keep those items out of children’s sneaky hands. You could install a cabinet that only locks but are also mounted high on the wall. This way, kids and pets can’t reach it if you accidentally leave the cabinet.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is the best way to save money on your energy bill. Your garage makeover is the perfect opportunity to make that happen. You can swap your old doors and windows for better insulation while renovating your garage. You can even upgrade the insulation in your garage walls depending on how extreme your makeover is. These upgrades will also make your garage more temperature-stable. That makes it more enjoyable and practical. So, you can get even more use from the space.

A More Versatile Space

Who says a garage has to be a place to keep outdoor items or your vehicle? When you get a garage makeover, the sky is the limit. You can renovate your garage in a way that turns it into a party space. Install a refrigerator or bar, along with a countertop. The next time you want to host a party, you have plenty of space and ana rea to set out snacks. You can also wholly convert part of your garage into another type of space. One half could be your art studio, or the other is a parking space.

Sculpting Your Garage To Fit Your Needs With Garage Makeover Experts

A garage makeover can make your garage more attractive as well as functional. Whether you want your garage to serve a whole new purpose or you need a more organized way to store your items, you can do it in less time than you think. So, are you looking for garage makeovers? Get in touch with your local Garage experts, Colorado Property Services, today to get started. Our professionals will come to your home to evaluate your garage. We will give you a free estimate. After that, our representative will walk you through what makes our garage epoxy and polyaspartic flooring unique compared to other epoxy floor coating or DIY options.